Cosima, Martin, Brenna and Chad in Hamburg.

I learned a lot about managing obstacles and being independent in a new city with a foreign language and still undertake my research. I definitely feel experiencing it I was able to grow academically and personally.
Cosima Lenz, WCAS

To do research in Germany is a special experience because research is a kind of work that you do more or less alone: you pick your own topic. Through this process you can develop your own independence, a trade or quality that is important for students in any academic field.
Martin Amesquita, WCAS

Because of this experience, I decided to continue researching the topic. This summer, I will be going back to Germany to continue researching German public policy affecting women.
Brenna Ledvora, SESP and WCAS

For me, research in another country is not only a wonderful life experience. I believe it is important that students can participate in a research project because this is the only way to experience what it means to be involved in academia.
Chad Carter, Music and WCAS